Optimize Your Blog for SEO

There are many such as on Google every day up to a tune of 5 billion. Among all these billions several will target your area of expertise. You need to position yourself strategically so that among those who are searching for services that are within your area of expertise can easily find your website. Search engine optimization is the best way you can get traffic on your site. In fact, it is more helpful and important that you have appropriate SEO as compared to the regular writing of your post.  Here are the four essential items that you should consider for you to optimize your blog site for seo link building.

1. Use keywords.

Q words are important words that most people use when they are searching for the services they want online. Using tools such as semrush.com all the Google ads keyword planner you can find some of the most popular keywords people use to search for services and products that are within your area of expertise. You should add the keywords to the article in the header, introduction, and article body and in the conclusion.

2. Linking.

 Tell your people where you got your facts from by linking your article to many other articles. You can use either internal linking or external linking. Internal linking links your article to other articles within your website while external linking links your article to other articles on other sites. Google increases your ranking if you have many external links. Internal links give your page more backlink building. The two types of links help Google now that you have reliable content on your webpage.

3. Quality posts.

Ensure that you have good quality articles on your blog that are worth reading. Make sure you have high creativity you minimize the amount of competition you first from other bloggers. The average length of the article that appeases Google is about 500 words and the readers will also like it but you can do more than this. You can also contact the experts for their professional blog writing services by clicking this link.

4. Demonstrate your expertise.

 Finally, you should be consistent in publishing your blog posts. Focusing on a specific area of interest and maintaining the same genre of writing is very important.  Consistency will indicate to Google that you are a reliable expert on that topic. Google will then start ranking your hair and directing more traffic to your site. You can use the site traffic to get more adverts and convert your blog into earning your cash. Click here for more details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization.